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AddQuicktag 2.4.3  AddQuicktag 2.4.3
» Frank Bültge (url)
Allows you to easily add custom Quicktags to the html- and visual-editor.

AddToAny Share Buttons 1.6.10  AddToAny Share Buttons 1.6.10
» AddToAny (url)
Share buttons for your pages including AddToAny’s universal sharing button, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp and many more. [Settings]

AdvancedOptions 1.2  AdvancedOptions 1.2
» MountainGrafix (url)
This plugin disables the Post Revision System in WordPress 2.6 and it gives you more Control about the Autosave – Function.

Akismet 3.1.7  Akismet 3.1.7
» Automattic (url)
Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from spam. It keeps your site protected even while you sleep. To get started: 1) Click the ”Activate” link to the left of this description, 2) Sign up for an Akismet plan to get an API key, and 3) Go to your Akismet configuration page, and save your API key.

AskApache RewriteRules Viewer 3.2  AskApache RewriteRules Viewer 3.2
» AskApache (url)
Displays the Internal WordPress Rewrite Rules in Detailed Glory.

Broken Link Checker 1.10.10  Broken Link Checker 1.10.10
» Janis Elsts (url)
Checks your blog for broken links and missing images and notifies you on the dashboard if any are found.

Easy Gravatars 1.3  Easy Gravatars 1.3
» Dougal Campbell (url)
Add Gravatars to your comments, without requiring any modifications to your theme files. Just activate, and you’re done!

EndomondoWP 0.0.5  EndomondoWP 0.0.5
» Alessandro Staniscia (url)
The Endomondo WP embed the Endomondo Data on WordPress! You can see all your workouts on WordPress article or page. All you must do is to add a shortcode on your page editor!

Exclude Pages from Navigation 1.92  Exclude Pages from Navigation 1.92
» Simon Wheatley (url)
Provides a checkbox on the editing page which you can check to exclude pages from the primary navigation. IMPORTANT NOTE: This will remove the pages from any ”consumer” side page listings, which may not be limited to your page navigation listings.

Exec-PHP 4.9  Exec-PHP 4.9
» Sören Weber (url)
Executes <?php ?> code in your posts, pages and text widgets.

Fast Secure Contact Form 4.0.39  Fast Secure Contact Form 4.0.39
» Mike Challis, Ken Carlson (url)
Fast Secure Contact Form for WordPress. An easy and powerful form builder that lets your visitors send you email. Blocks all automated spammers. No templates to mess with. Settings | Donate

GeneralStats 3.31  GeneralStats 3.31
» Dr. Bernhard Riedl (url)
Counts the number of users, categories, posts, comments, pages, links, tags, link-categories, words in posts, words in comments and words in pages.

Google XML Sitemaps 4.0.8  Google XML Sitemaps 4.0.8
» Arne Brachhold (url)
This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog.

Gravatar Box 1.0.4  Gravatar Box 1.0.4
» Otto (url)
Automatically shows a gravatar box in the comment form

Jetpack by 3.8.2  Jetpack by 3.8.2
» Automattic (url)
Bring the power of the cloud to your self-hosted WordPress. Jetpack enables you to connect your blog to a account to use the powerful features normally only available to users.

Jetpack Lite 3.0.2  Jetpack Lite 3.0.2
» Samuel Aguilera (url)
Disables all Jetpack modules except for Stats and Shortlinks modules. Jetpack is required!

KB Countdown Widget 3.1.3  KB Countdown Widget 3.1.3
» Adam R. Brown (url)
Count the years/months/days since, until, or between events. Optional bar graph for tracking progress between two dates.

Lightbox Plus Colorbox 2.7.2  Lightbox Plus Colorbox 2.7.2
» Dan Zappone (url)
Lightbox Plus Colorbox implements Colorbox as a lightbox image overlay tool for WordPress. Colorbox was created by Jack Moore of Color Powered and is licensed under the MIT License.

Lock Out 1.1  Lock Out 1.1
» Skullbit (url)
Lock out users from accessing your website while performing upgrades or maintenance to your website, while still allowing certain user roles access.

myGallery 1.4b10  myGallery 1.4b10
» Thomas Boley (url)
Yet another gallery.

Nedräkning 0.2  Nedräkning 0.2
» Patrick (url)
Ett enkelt plugin för att visa en ruta med nedräkning inför ett specifikt datum. Anropas med NDR_diff(‘YYYY-mm-dd’, ‘händelse’).

NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati 2.1.23  NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati 2.1.23
» Photocrati Media (url)
The most popular gallery plugin for WordPress and one of the most popular plugins of all time with over 12 million downloads.

Peter's Date Countdown 2.0.0  Peter's Date Countdown 2.0.0
» Peter Keung (url)
Display a countdown of important dates. Use it with or without widgets.

Really Simple CAPTCHA  Really Simple CAPTCHA
» Takayuki Miyoshi (url)
Really Simple CAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA module intended to be called from other plugins. It is originally created for my Contact Form 7 plugin.

Samsarin PHP Widget 1.3.3  Samsarin PHP Widget 1.3.3
» Chris Pettitt (url)
A text widget with support for including PHP.

Send email only on Reply to My Comment 1.0.6  Send email only on Reply to My Comment 1.0.6
» Yasir (url)
This plugin gives your site users the option to receive email notifications Only When someone selects to reply to this person’s Comment.

» Mike Challis (url)
Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress forms for comments, registration, lost password, login, or all. This prevents spam from automated bots. WP, WPMU, and BuddyPress compatible. Settings | Donate

Simple Smilies   Simple Smilies
» Dianakc (url)
Let your visitors insert any WordPress smilies when commenting in your site.

Simple Tags 2.4.5  Simple Tags 2.4.5
» Amaury BALMER (url)
Extended Tagging for WordPress 4.0.x : Suggested Tags, Mass edit tags, Auto-tags, Autocompletion, Related Posts etc. NOW Compatible custom post type and custom taxonomy !

Simply Instagram 1.3.3  Simply Instagram 1.3.3
» Rolly G. Bueno Jr. (url)
Promote your Instagram photo through your Wordpress website using Simply Instagram.

Smart Youtube PRO 4.3  Smart Youtube PRO 4.3
» Vladimir Prelovac (url)
Insert YouTube videos in posts, comments and RSS feeds with ease and full customization.

Social Media Widget 4.0.4  Social Media Widget 4.0.4
» Noah Kagan (url)
Adds links to all of your social media and sharing site profiles. Tons of icons come in 3 sizes, 4 icon styles, and 4 animations.

SumoMe 1.10  SumoMe 1.10
» SumoMe (url)
Free Tools to grow your email list from

Thank Me Later 3.3.3  Thank Me Later 3.3.3
» Brendon Boshell (url)
Send a ‘thank you’ email to your blog’s commenters.

This Day 1.4  This Day 1.4
» Dagon Design (url)
Lists posts that were created on this day in previous years

TinyMCE Advanced 4.2.8  TinyMCE Advanced 4.2.8
» Andrew Ozz (url)
Enables advanced features and plugins in TinyMCE, the visual editor in WordPress.

Viper's Video Quicktags 6.5.2  Viper's Video Quicktags 6.5.2
» Viper007Bond (url)
Easily embed videos from various video websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo into your posts.

WordPress 3.2 Requirements check 1.0  WordPress 3.2 Requirements check 1.0
» Ryan Duff / Fusionized Technology (url)
WordPress 3.2 will require PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0. This plugin preforms a simple check and lets you know if you’re ready.

WordPress Database Backup 2.3.0  WordPress Database Backup 2.3.0
» Austin Matzko (url)
On-demand backup of your WordPress database. Navigate to Tools → Backup to get started.

WordPress Mobile Admin 4.1  WordPress Mobile Admin 4.1
» Rich Gubby (url)
Manage your blog from your mobile with this plugin. After activating this plugin visit the settings page and enter your Wapple Architect Dev Key.

wp-cache 2.1.2  wp-cache 2.1.2
» Ricardo Galli Granada (url)
Very fast cache module. It’s composed of several modules, this plugin can configure and manage the whole system. Once enabled, go to ”Options” and select ”WP-Cache”.

WP-Cumulus 1.23  WP-Cumulus 1.23
» Roy Tanck (url)
Flash based Tag Cloud for WordPress

WP-Instaroll 1.1.1  WP-Instaroll 1.1.1
» ROLL Multimedia Design (url)
Simple Instagram plug-in for creating WordPress posts from Instagram photos

WP-PluginsUsed 1.50  WP-PluginsUsed 1.50
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan (url)
Display WordPress plugins that you currently have (both active and inactive) onto a post/page.

WP-Polls 2.72  WP-Polls 2.72
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan (url)
Adds an AJAX poll system to your WordPress blog. You can easily include a poll into your WordPress’s blog post/page. WP-Polls is extremely customizable via templates and css styles and there are tons of options for you to choose to ensure that WP-Polls runs the way you wanted. It now supports multiple selection of answers.

WP-SpamFree  WP-SpamFree
» WP-SpamFree (url)
An extremely powerful anti-spam plugin that virtually eliminates comment spam. Finally, you can enjoy a spam-free WordPress blog! Includes spam-free contact form feature as well.

WP Content Copy Protection  WP Content Copy Protection
» RSPublishing (url)
WP Content Copy Protection prevents plagiarism and protects your valuable online content (such as source code, text and images) from being copied illegally. Copy methods are disabled via mouse and keyboard. See Settings > WP Content Copy Protection to learn more about WP Content Copy Protection – The complete content protection plugin for WordPress.

WP to Twitter 3.1.9  WP to Twitter 3.1.9
» Joseph Dolson (url)
Posts a Tweet when you update your WordPress blog or post a link, using your URL shortening service. Rich in features for customizing and promoting your Tweets.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin 4.0.2  WPtouch Mobile Plugin 4.0.2
» BraveNewCode Inc. (url)
Make a beautiful mobile-friendly version of your website with just a few clicks

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin 4.3.1  Yet Another Related Posts Plugin 4.3.1
» Adknowledge (url)
Adds related posts to your site and in RSS feeds, based on a powerful, customizable algorithm. Enabling YARPP Pro gives you access to even more powerful features. Find out more.

Zap_NewWindow 1.2  Zap_NewWindow 1.2
» Tom Koehler (url)
External links in posts (links that refer to other domains) will be automatically opened in a new browser window. No target=”_blank” needed. The code is valide to XHTML Strict.

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